Internet and media lawyers

Internet law

Internet law refers, of course, to the legal problems associated with the use of the internet. It is not its own legal field, but rather the point where all legal areas regarding the internet meet, as happens frequently in IT law. Our advisory services include the following key areas:

  • Questions regarding domain law (e.g. reviewing the permissibility of domain registrations, specific proceedings against unlawful domain registrations, and proceedings against domain grabbing)
  • Permissibility of online marketing
  • Review to make sure your website and online shop are legally watertight
  • Creation and review of General Terms and Conditions (GTCs)
  • Advice for traders on auction platforms such as eBay
  • Matters involving telecommunications law
  • Advice regarding broadcasting licenses, product placement, and child protection for streamers

Media law

Media law mainly covers the laws for communication media, regardless of the technology used (from block to bit). Therefore, balancing freedom of expression and freedom of the press with the personality rights of individuals is extremely important in media law. Our approach covers the following areas in particular:

  • Proceedings against untrue factual claims, slander and abusive criticism
  • Deletion of negative and defamatory reviews, posts and comments on the internet
  • Enforcement of claims due to personality right infringements
  • Assertion of compensation claims in the event of severe personality right infringements
  • Proceedings against reputational damage in the press and on the internet
  • Assistance in the event of unlawful use and distribution of your image due to violation of your rights to your own image

To assert your rights, we use the whole range of material and procedural tools that legislators have provided, including the following in particular: Entitlements to rectification and omission, compensation claims, and entitlement to withdrawal and counterstatement. Procedural assertion takes place by means of formal warnings and/or applications for preliminary injunctions, and of course lawsuits.

In all cases, the legal advice and representation covers the enforcement of your claims in cases of legal infringements to the detriment of our clients, and defence against unjustified claims by third parties, plus damage limitation in the event of justified claims. In all cases, our clients benefit from the experience we have gained working on numerous similar cases – both in court and out of court.

We represent our clients nationwide.