Copyright law

Copyright law

Copyright law is a special legal area which requires specialist knowledge in relation to the subject matter itself and the specific procedural features. It is not without reason, therefore, that specialist bodies exist in most courts in Germany to deal with copyright law.

Our clients benefit from our experience and qualification in all matters relating to national and European copyright law. The following non-exhaustive list contains the most frequent issues we address as part of our work in this area:

The internet enables quick and simple duplication, en masse, of even copyright-protected content without the consent of the originator. For our clients who make a living creating copyright-protected work, this could lead to significant financial losses. In collaboration with partners, the use of our clients’ works online can be tracked, and unauthorised use can be effectively opposed. Feel free to contact us.

Trademark law

For businesses, trademarks are important, or even existential, assets. Neglect in trademark protection can lead to costly disputes with a high financial risk for the company’s own trademark, and the associated business, product, or service. Registered and maintained trademarks provide lasting protection from the competition and enable you stand out from competitors. When selecting the type of trademark, care is vital when choosing the scope of protection in terms of geography and content. Trademark protection that is too long-range can lead to unnecessary conflicts, and if it is too short-range, the trademark can be put into unnecessary jeopardy.

In accordance with the needs of our clients, we offer the following services:

  • Registration of trademarks at the German Patent and Trademark Office (Deutsches Marken- und Patentamt – DPMA) and the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO)
  • Trademark extension in selected member states of the Madrid Agreement (with the involvement of our partners in the respective member states)
  • Maintenance and management of the brand portfolio
  • Brand monitoring and defence
  • Advice and representation in the event of trademark warning letters or other disputes
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