After studying law at the Humboldt University of Berlin and the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich (first and second state examinations) and training periods in Munich and Peking, Christian Stölzle worked for a law firm in Munich. During this time, he was a lecturer of politics and law in Starnberg.

He regularly supports international companies in the automotive industries (focusing on the supply industry: connectivity, mobility and innovation), software, technology, renewable energies and trade.

He specialises in commercial law, IT contract law, license law, IP, copyright and trademark law, compliance (legal risk management including open source) and data privacy law.

In January 2010, he opened his own firm in Munich and was one of the founders of CETI Law in 2019.

Mr Stölzle is a member of the bar association in Munich, and Chinesisch-Deutsche Anwaltvereins e.V. (an association for Chinese and German lawyers).

Specialist in information technology law